Halle Berry to Pay Child Support of $16,000 a Month

A reader alerted me (thanks) that Halle Berry has been ordered to pay child support to her ex-boyfriend:

A judge has approved a settlement between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend over child support payments for their 6-year-old daughter.

The agreement approved by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on May 30 calls for Berry to pay ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month or nearly $200,000 a year to support their daughter, Nahla. The Oscar-winning actress will also pay for their daughter’s tuition, but the former couple will split health care expenses.

The order also calls for Berry to pay her ex-boyfriend a retroactive payment of $115,000 and $300,000 to his attorneys to cover the costs of their custody dispute.

Berry and Aubry, a model, were involved in a custody dispute in 2012, and a judge blocked her from moving their daughter to France.

Gordon’s order only affects child support payments.


While big custody and child support cases like this make headlines, the truth is that women still pay a small percentage of child support. I was recently watching The Independents, a Fox business show about the “War on Men,” and Jill Filipovic of the Feministe blog said that women are now paying a great deal of the alimony and child support in the nation. This is hardly true. It may seem like it as the media and women complain if they have to pony up the cash, but men still pay the majority of child support and women rarely pay alimony.

What do you think? Is the settlement in the Berry case fair or unfair?


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