"Simply put, this is a gold-digger's charter."

The Telegraph (thanks to Terry Brennan for the link):

The daughter of one of the country’s richest men has warned wealthy women against marriage after her “gold-digger” ex-husband was awarded a £1.2 million in a divorce payout.

Victoria Luckwell, 37, whose father Mike set up The Moving Picture Company, and is worth an estimated £135 million, said the current legal system in Britain acted as a “disincentive” for the rich to wed, because they had no way of protecting their family’s assets.

Her comments came after her ex-husband, Frankie Limata was handed a £1.2 million payout by a judge, despite having signed numerous prenuptial agreements waiving his right to any of his wife’s money.

Miss Luckwell has been told by a judge that she must provide him with £900,000 to buy a home plus £300,000 to pay off his debts, buy a car and furnish his home.

As she left court she said: “Sadly I am left to conclude there is a strong financial disincentive for a wealthy woman to marry if she cannot be assured of protecting her family’s assets. Simply put, this is a gold-digger’s charter.”


Well, yeah. It has been a gold-digger’s charter for men dealing with divorce laws for many years. Now the shoe is on the other foot on a rare occasion and this woman is angry and telling other women not to marry. Yet, if a man makes a similar complaint, he is a loser who is trying to get out of being responsible. Double standards anyone?


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