Dr. Helen

Why do men put up with a short leash?

I just read a post by Doug Giles at ClashDaily.com spelling out a list of 10 Ways Women Can Destroy Their Man. Here are a few of them:

1.Nag your Husband.

One way to torture your hubby is to be a nerve grating, contentious, non-stop dripping faucet of faultfinding and finger pointing.

2. Criticize your husband in public.

Yep, publicly shame him. Become an expert at unveiling anything about your spouse that’ll cause him to want to jump in front of a speeding bus.

3. Keep Him On a Short Leash.

By short leashing your mate with insane limits your man will quickly feel like a stupid son, controlled by you, his new petulant mommy.

I have never understood #3. I have often seen men who had their wives or girlfriend call, text or hassle them about where they are 24/7 and while they look bothered, I often wonder if they have ever told her to knock it off or if they like it in some perverted way. Why do men put up with this? Is it just resignation that nothing can be done? Are they afraid to confront her due to the backlash of anger or retribution? Do they secretly feel wanted? Help me out here! What’s the deal?