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"If the problem category were race or religion it would be politically intolerable."

Minding the Campus.com: "The Problem of Males on the Feminized Campus" (thanks to the reader who provided the link!):

But there is also a cultural problem here: the now conventional anti-male attitude on campus. I know from my own teaching experience that the pervasiveness of this attitude, launched on the first day of class with a stark rape seminar, causes males, especially of blue-collar origin, to flee a community they quickly come to see as suffused with the gender-studies rebuke of men now built into college life.

A consistent failure of the school system is reflected in its failure to educate males and females equally effectively. If the problem category were race or religion it would be politically intolerable. But boys and men--no problem. Where, for example, is the White House Council on Boys and Men, still non-existent years after the nifty one on girls and women was proudly brandished? Presumably lost somewhere in electoral politics and some dingy acceptance of payback for that vaunted 5000 years of patriarchy. We can do better.