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What Are Your Favorite Science Fiction Books?

I went to a book party for Liberty Con, a science fiction convention, last night and met a bunch of science fiction writers and their fans who really seemed to be having a blast. I talked with John Ringo, who handed Glenn and me a copy of his new book Queen of Wands that looked like a great read for those of you who like science fiction. I discussed with Ringo why I rarely read science fiction, except for some Robert Heinlein -- mainly because I prefer non-fiction -- and he suggested I try his book The Last Centurionwhich is written in “blog-style" and might be more to my liking. I think I'll try it.

There were other popular writers there -- Sarah Hoyt, Jerry Pournelle, and Larry Nivens, to name a few.

If you read science fiction, what books and authors do you suggest?

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