Happy Father's Day

Today is one of my favorite  “holidays.”  Father’s Day is  a great time to think about your Dad and what he meant to you and how he shaped your life. My father was an amazing guy and the more I think about him, the more I realize the many things he did for me and my family that we didn’t know about until after he was gone. My father died over 10 years ago of cancer and it was (and is) the saddest day of my life.


He was a true intellectual who never flaunted or discussed his intelligence or even gave it a second thought. He cared more about common sense than academic accomplishments, yet when I got my PhD,  he stood up in the crowd and cheered–loudly. Without him, my life would have been very different and not in a good way. I am thankful everyday that I had such a great guy as a dad. When I hear people talk about not having had a father in their life or that fathers are not important, I feel sorry for what they missed, for they have no idea of the magnitude of the loss to a child without a dad. Fathers are just as important as mothers are in the lives of children and no one will convince me differently.

If you have a story or comment about your own dad or your own life as a dad, leave a comment.


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