"Boys Ain't Defective Girls"

There is a good article in the National Catholic Register (thanks to the Anchoress for pointing it out) by  Matthew Archbold entitled “Boys Ain’t Defective Girls”:


And I can’t help but think that boys aren’t the problem. It’s the parents trying to medicate the man out of that boy. That just doesn’t seem to be something you want to go after with a pill.

Look, I’m not saying that there’s no boys that couldn’t be helped by medication but what I’m saying is that I think somehow we’ve got things all backwards. Years ago, we got the notion in our heads that women had to become like men to be a success. So women all went on The Pill and that supposedly fixed ‘em right up. Except it didn’t if you know what I mean. It seems to have made things worse, if you ask me.

Now, somehow we’ve got it in our heads that boys have to be like girls. And guess what, we’ve got a pill for that too.

I wonder, in this age when facts have never been so readily available to everyone, basic truths seem to have slipped away.

Funny, I have been reading the updated book by Thomas Sowell Intellectuals and Society and re-reading Christina Hoff Summers Book The War Against Boys and it occurs to me that the war against anything masculine was first brought about by “intellectuals” in the education world and has now reached the mainstream.


The average Dad such as the author of the above piece is wondering why his son and other boys are now seen as defective girls, perhaps not realizing that facts don’t matter, the intellectuals gave up on those long ago. Now it’s about making everything female the new normal, regardless of truth and regardless of facts. It’s all about attitude with intellectuals, not principals, as Sowell says so eloquently in his book. Given this, fighting back with facts is futile. We must fight back with mockery, calling people out when they discount or treat boys as defective girls and get involved in what teachers and society are doing to our boys to make them feel or seem defective.


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