‘Mental Health Issues’ No Excuse for Islamic Terrorism

Did Adolf Hitler have "mental health issues"?

I would like to think so, because to regard Der Furher as normal would be a terrifying commentary on the human race and likely mean it would never have survived.

Now how about those ISIS characters who take videos of themselves lopping people's heads off and then sticking those heads on poles to make a fence? Psychologically normal or not?

And what about those who don suicide vests and blow themselves up in shopping malls while yelling "Allahu Akbar," killing or maiming any man, woman or child within range? Mentally sound? Let's hope not.

So you will have to forgive me if I find the current excuse being given for acts of terrorism (of the Islamic sort, needless to say) that the perpetrators had "mental issues" no more than a pernicious, self-deluding cover-up.

We have seen this form of cover-up after Nice where the poor, misguided soul who drove a truck into hundreds of Bastille Day celebrants, killing more than eighty, was said, as an excuse for his behavior, to only recently have been radicalized. That turned out to have been dead wrong, but it would have been irrelevant anyway.

Now we are hearing the same of the Norwegian-Somali (whatever that means exactly) who knifed an American woman to death at London's Russell Square, injuring several others from various countries. It wasn't terrorism, we are being told for now by British police, because the 19-year old has "mental issues."

Well, let's hope so.

Why don't we look at this is in a more logical—and vastly more honest—way?

What is it about Islam and its ideology that attracts so many of these disturbed people and turns them violent? That is the question we should be asking as the epidemic of Islamic terror continues to spread across the globe with no end in sight.