The Crazily Misplaced War on Cops

Even as a sixties Vietnam War demonstrator, it struck me that the enmity against police was weirdly misplaced. When I heard the cries of "Off the pigs!" I felt more than mildly uncomfortable.

After all, weren't the police mere factotums? They had no power at all over the real policies under protest.  More than that, they were genuine working people, members of the vaunted working class. What did they do?

Now, "politically mature," as they say, I feel that even more. The focus on police as the problem is just crazy. Of course, there are bad cops -- just as there are bad everything else, as there always will be until we are replaced by robots, when there will be other problems -- but the cops are not the issue of what is wrong in American society, not remotely. Whatever their failings -- and they should be dealt with -- they are miles away from the heart of the problem.

Actually, cops are nothing more than a focus for all kinds of displacement and projection. The more the police are the issue, the longer those real problems will not be addressed. The horrifying violence in our African American communities, almost all of which is directed toward other African Americans, will continue until those issues are confronted, no matter what the police do, even if they become a national corps of secular saints.