A Memorial Weekend Review for Election 2016

Houston, we have a problem this Memorial Day weekend!

ISIS has taken Palmyra and Ramadi and is threatening  Baghdad and Damascus, making inroads into Afghanistan, Libya and, yes, Malaysia while planting who knows how many sleepers from here to Heidelberg. Iran continues to run roughshod over the Middle East (and South America), planting a flag in Yemen while pretending to negotiate with the West as they move inexorably closer to the bombs and the ICBMs to deliver them in everyone's back yard.  The revived Russian Bear is moving in on Eastern Europe again while backing up the Iranians in negotiation. China is surpassing the United States in practically everything, including space, and North Korea is off doing what North Korea does only more so (starving its people while building nukes). Meanwhile, his unexcellency the current president of  these Younited States is off lecturing the Coast Guard about climate change!

In other words, the world is going to Hell in the proverbial hand basket and it looks to be about ninety percent of the way there with, in this case, no coming back.

So what's going on in the Republican presidential campaign that's supposed to solve this mess and rescue us from more of the same (therefore worse) from the serially mendacious Dame Hillary?

Well, they're all off debating with each other about the Patriot Act. Please, Louise! Here's the solution to the Patriot Act. If it's got a problem, fix it, but keep it. Now move on to the real problems.

Think I'm being too abrupt? How about this? When asked by Andrea Tantaros on Fox News if he could name a single innocent party harmed by the Patriot Act, that Demi-God of the Libertarians, He-Who-Fillibusters himself Rand Paul couldn't think of  a one.  He quickly changed the subject to assurances that he wasn't accusing the folks at the NSA of being bad people.

By the way, this tracks with my own tiny experiment on Twitter.  I asked my minute corner of the Twitterverse if any of them had heard of someone personally damaged by NSA spying and got back...  crickets.  Well, not entirely. After several hours someone came up with a September 2013 WaPo article "5 Americans who used NSA facilities to spy on lovers."  Okay, it's a bit predictable, but it's not good and  you will be relieved to hear the jealous miscreants are no longer with the NSA. (No word if they are presently employed by seedy detective agencies in North Hollywood.)

So what we have here is basically a game of I'm-more-libertarian-than-you or I'm-more-conservative-than-you, depending on your preference, while the world burns.