Who's Paying CNN to Elect Ben Carson President? (UPDATED TWICE!)


DISTURBING UPDATE:  The admission by the Carson campaign that the doctor fabricated the story of his West Point admission, if true, is highly disturbing and calls into question everything I have written below.  

SECOND UPDATE:  While appearing at 11:20 AM Pacific on the Steve Malzberg Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss this story, I was informed that the Carson campaign has completely denied the POLITICO story.  If this proves out, we can add POLITICO to CNN as among those media inadvertently aiding the doctor's campaign. Still, this controversy is by no means over and will make us all scrutinize Carson's remarks all the more closely.

Okay, I admit it.  That's a click-fishing headline. (Or should I say click phishing?)  No one in their right mind would pay for CNN's brain-dead nonsense about Ben Carson except for CNN.  But the truth is the network's assault on the former neurosurgeon today, pretty much accusing the doctor of lying in his memoir, is some of the most rancid yellow journalism I have encountered in years.  It's so sleazy, in fact, that it is certain to rebound against network and in favor of Carson.   How could they have been that dumb?

Well, I take that back.   It is the network, as many of us remember,  that lied about Saddam's murders and rape rooms to keep access to the dictator . They're continuing their great journalistic tradition by basing their smear of Carson on some of his decades-old acquaintances not remembering incidents that Carson described in his memoir, although not a single one of them makes the claim that the incidents did not happen.

Here's an exclusive for CNN, right in the spirit of their Carson coverage.  Back in the eighties, I met O.J. Simpson twice at Hollywood parties. BUT... despite that fact that I met him on those two occasions,  I have no direct evidence that he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman.

So there you have it, what you've been waiting to know for years.  Proof The Juice is innocent.  Call Alan Dershowitz.  Resurrect Johnnie Cochran.  Set O.J. free. (Can I have a job with CNN now?)

What?  That's not proof?  Okay, I tried.  I guess I was seduced by Wolf Blitzer's salary. (And, yeah, the parties were pretty big and I hardly did more than shake Simpson's hand.  So what do I know?)