The Perry Revival and My Back

Rick Perry has a terrific op-ed (an excerpt from a speech at the National Press Club) in the Wall Street Journal Monday morning urging the GOP to get back in the game with black voters - "Republicans, Race and Economic Opportunity for All."  The WSJ's editors were apparently impressed, too. The paper did the rare thing of devoting an editorial - "Perry's Race Talk" -- to praising the article and, by inference, helping recharge Perry's presidential candidacy.

Perry's piece is well detailed (you should read it) but the substance is what many of us have thought for a while.  It's time for Republicans to go into African-American communities with our proposals to revive those communities, since the Democrats, who have been in near total control of them for decades, have failed utterly with their approach. We must engage, be the party of Lincoln once again, start supporting the 14th Amendment ("equal protection") as well as the states-rights oriented 10th.  Perry is openly self-critical, which is so often a good strategy.

This op-ed comes -- and how could it not -- at an interesting moment, not just because of the violence in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., but in the wake of Donald Trump's, let's say, "much remarked upon" comments about Mexicans during his presidential campaign announcement a couple of weeks ago.  (Donald's almost as worried about rape as Kirsten Gillibrand.)  Like most of the Republican candidates, Perry condemned Trump's comments, calling them "offensive."  But unlike the other candidates, and Trump obviously, this man has walked the walk on border security.  More than any other candidate, I trust Rick actually to get border security  accomplished -- no racial slurs necessary.