Latin American Conservative Blogger: Facebook Suspended and Doxed Me

A conservative Latin American blogger has been suspended from Facebook for 30 days for “violating community standards,” although she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Worse, she says the social media giant “doxed her” by putting her private family photos in a public setting.


“I am 100 percent sure of it,” the blogger, who wishes to remain anonymous because she fears the communists in South America, told PJ Media. “I’m panicked. … I’m very terrified,” she said.

The blogger — I’ll call her Maria — has made a huge impact in the Latin American community in recent years, especially in 2016, when she helped then-candidate Donald Trump win 29 percent of the Hispanic vote despite a never-ending torrent of negative press painting him as an anti-Hispanic bigot.

The suspension comes as Latin American conservatives rally for Brazil’s right-wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, who holds a solid lead in the race for October’s presidential election in a recent poll — one that excludes jailed leftist candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. When the corrupt former president was included in the poll, 37 percent of voters said they back him, putting him in the lead by 5 percentage points despite him being in the slammer.

“The Amerian Left is financing Lula, as always, and they go to the poorest regions and neighborhoods to buy votes,” Maria explained.

Maria posts on several very popular conservative Latin American Facebook pages — including Resistencia Capitalista Red Alternativa Capitalista de Informacion, and Resistencia Anti-Communista — where she shares stories from The Daily Caller, Breitbart, PJ Media, Townhall, and more. Her Twitter handle is @LatAmFr.


Being a Hispanic Trump-supporter, Maria has — not surprisingly — been the target of much online harassment.

Maria told PJ Media that she also fears that communist groups like the anti-American ALBA alliance could send left-wing assassins over the border to kill her. ALBA is a dangerous Marxist coalition that she says was created by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to create a bloc of Latin American countries loyal to Russia, China, and Iran. The coalition includes Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and Saint Vincent.

She has two personal Facebook accounts, and both of them on Monday had the photo settings changed to public. Facebook suspended one of the accounts due to a photo she posted weeks ago showing a “cellphone explosion” that is widely believed to have happened at a Dubai mall. A man’s mobile phone exploded while he was charging with a power bank and he went up in flames. The disturbing incident reportedly happened in Morocco — not Dubai.

Facebook said the image went against their community standards on graphic violence.


“I fear for my safety. Facebook is very irresponsible,” Maria said. “They have total disregard for the safety of their users. I am very upset, my friend.”

PJ Media contacted a representative from Facebook for comment on this story and is awaiting a reply.


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