JerseyGate: Tom Brady's Jersey May Not Have Been Stolen After All

Quarterback Tom Brady changes his game jersey after Super Bowl win by the New England Patriots (Rex Features via AP Images)

We may soon find out what happened to Tom Brady’s prized Super Bowl jersey, which some say is worth upwards of $500,000. While the Houston Police Department has its top men on the job searching for the thief, it may turn out that the article wasn’t stolen after all.


The “JerseyGate” saga began shortly after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday, when Brady noticed that his game-winning shirt was not in his bag in his locker. Brady was sure that he had put it in there.

“I put it in my bag. I absolutely 100 percent put it in my bag.” As security was discussing what Brady did with the jersey after the game, Brady added, “Someone took it.”

But with all the frenzied chaos and confusion following the big win, is it possible Brady misremembered what he did with his jersey? How many times have you thought you put something somewhere, only to find out it was still in your pocket?

Here’s video of Brady taking his jersey off and handing it to someone while still on the field:

TMZ Sports spoke with law enforcement sources involved in the search who told them that the jersey may be packed deep within the Patriots’ equipment truck, along with another missing item.


We’re told the truck was never thoroughly searched before it left NRG Stadium in Houston — and contains all sorts of team and player equipment.
Our sources tell us the truck is scheduled to be unpacked in Boston on Thursday and cops are crossing their fingers the #12 jersey turns up!

Oh, and James White’s missing game-winning touchdown ball? It’s very possible that it could also be on the truck.

Either that, or there was a very sneaky thief lurking around the Patriots’ locker room. We’ll soon find out.



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