Father Jonathan Morris: Clinton Team's Catholic-Bashing 'Complete Bigotry' and 'Anti-American'

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An American Roman Catholic priest told Fox News Wednesday that comments from Team Clinton regarding the Catholic faith released by WikiLeaks this week amount to “complete bigotry” that is not just anti-Catholic, but anti-American as well. The emails exposed members of the Clinton campaign mocking “backwards” Catholics and even plotting to spark a “Catholic Spring” to update a religion they say is stuck in the Middle Ages.


A visibly appalled Father Jonathan Morris was struck by their impression that people would raise their kids Catholic out of some kind of political motivation.

He said that the folks who made the email comments don’t understand that “people become Christian not for some political reasons, but because they’re actually trying to seek the truth, and trying to find a relationship with God and they want their kids to have a relationship with God.”

“This is purely political and it’s shocking,” he exclaimed. Fr. Morris went on to say that he would be passing on the information to his own church in the Archdiocese of New York, just as he’s passed along information about Donald Trump that he’s found problematic.

“We need to make sure that the values of our beliefs, the values of our belief system, our churches are influencing politics.” He made sure that he wasn’t talking about partisan support for one candidate over another, “But we should speak out about the values and the principles that will make our country great, that have made our country great, and will make sure that those values and principles are preserved for the next 100 years.”


Morris declared that the attitudes on display in the emails were “complete bigotry.” He added that “these might not be bad people, but they’re terribly confused and I would even say terribly ignorant” to suggest that people would become Catholic and raise their children in the faith for political purposes.

“That’s not smart,” he concluded. “That’s not American! This isn’t just anti-Catholicism, it’s anti-American talk.”




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