74-Year-Old Socialist Codger Bernie Sanders Is Amazing at Shooting Hoops

The Socialist Septuagenarian presidential candidate from Vermont blew off steam by shooting hoops last night ahead of his victory speech in New Hampshire.   He didn’t miss a shot.


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly couldn’t believe her eyes: “Is this some kind of a joke?” she asked. “How is he making every single one?!”

“He’s from Brooklyn,” a male voice in the studio replied. “Nicely done, Bern!” exclaimed Kelly.

Via The Weekly Standard’s Shoshana Weissmann, this is actually pretty impressive.



As Brett Baier sagely noted, “he’s better than President Obama on the basketball court.”

Obama will probably never live down the time he bricked 20 of 22 shots on the White House basketball court a few years ago :







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