Clinton Cracks Joke About Amb. Stevens' Request to Buy Security Equipment (Video)

During the Benghazi hearing on Thursday afternoon, Hillary Clinton laughed off a question from Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) regarding an email from Ambassador Chris Stevens talking about buying barricades and fortifications from other countries for security.


Clinton claimed that Stevens had a “great sense of humor” and that his requests to buy security equipment from the Brits were merely a joke.

Brooks was referring to an email dated December 15, 2011, in which Stevens had asked an official about security at the Benghazi compound.

Clinton responded: “Well, Congresswoman, one of the great attributes that Chris Stevens had was a really good sense of humor and I just see him smiling as he’s typing this because it’s clearly in response to the e-mail down below talking about picking up a few ‘fire sale items from the Brits.’”

Brooks, failing to see the humor, pointed out that those “fire sale items” were barricades that they were hoping to pick up from other countries.

“They are additional requests for security for the compound,” she said. “Because we weren’t providing enough physical security. Isn’t that right? So they’re picking up a fire sale because other consulates are pulling out, other countries are pulling out?”

Clinton responded, “Well, I thought it showed their entrepreneurial spirit.”


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