Uh Oh, GOP Leadership: Mark Levin, Whose Endorsement Is Credited with Winning Dave Brat Race, Goes All In for Mike Flynn

On April 28 last year, Dave Brat channeled Andrew Breitbart by showing up outside and speaking to the press before a cynically staged PR event by Eric Cantor’s team was about to begin. Cantor’s team had surreptitiously — yet transparently, to folks above 18 who read the news — invited Congress’ leading House cheerleader for open borders, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, to call Cantor “the number one man preventing amnesty” with the cameras rolling.

In reality, Eric Cantor had toured with Gutierrez the year prior to discuss ideas for passing an amnesty bill.

After his defeat, Politico revealed that Cantor and Obama, among others, had been literally days away from advancing amnesty on the House floor until Brat’s win killed the project.

Brat’s savvy move to expose the event before it started got him national press for the first time, and this was about the time Mark Levin — America’s top-selling political author and a syndicated radio host with nearly 10 million daily listeners — jumped in with both feet. Brat was invited to appear on the show several times, and Brat’s name recognition, fundraising, and volunteers jumped.

Without Levin’s support, Brat very likely doesn’t sink Cantor, and Congress passes Obamagration.

So Levin stepping up is a big deal.

As I’ve been reporting here, those of you with better things to do than gain privy to the behind-the-curtain GOP primary process — we hold our nose and peek in so you don’t have to — might not be aware that the Nixonian, Clintonian tactics employed by the Cantor team last year are simply how today’s GOP leadership/consultant class chooses to operate in every single primary featuring a reliable John Boehner foot soldier vs. a conservative challenger.

They act with disdain for election integrity, for local government, and for the GOP voter who wants nothing more than an honest portrayal of the choices being presented.

On the advice of groups like Republican Main Street Partnership, they deliberately lie about being opposed to GOP leadership, about bearing conservative viewpoints that run contrary to their records, and about their always-less-funded challenger from the right being a moderate or liberal in John Locke’s clothing, while knowing that description is a precise reading of their own strategy.

Despite their self-measurements, they are in fact nothing new. Just the latest iteration of each era’s power-hungry. Hayek, the Federalist, Shakespeare, the Bible.

You know what they do — and you also know that if they are to lose, the truth spread wide is invariably the culprit.

Click here to listen to Flynn speaking on Levin’s show yesterday to those 10 million conservatives.

Levin isn’t the only kingmaker who jumped in for Mike Flynn yesterday.

See below for Dana Loesch — syndicated host, bestselling author on gun rights, and queen of conservative Twitter — tweeting my article from yesterday morning on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce lying about Mike Flynn “seeking their endorsement.”

In the land beyond Washington where words have meaning, here’s what actually happened: the Chamber had mailed Mike Flynn their candidate survey. Flynn answered the survey by disapproving of the Chamber’s top priorities — Obamatrade, the Ex-Im Bank, amnesty — and thus intentionally taking himself out of the running for the endorsement while disseminating his actual platform.

You know — acting with respect for election integrity, respect for the GOP voter, etc.

After I brought it up and Dana Loesch did what she does best with it, the Chamber now refuses to release a copy of Flynn’s survey answers to clear this all up:

Visit Loesch’s Twitter page: she’s still at it, and will be at it for Flynn through the July 7 election night.

Also visit Levin’s massively read Facebook feed for more Flynn support.

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The race will be upon us quickly after the July 4 holiday weekend, making GOTV everything. Fundraising and volunteers and phone banks are pivotal.