A New Series of Recommended Reads from the Freedom Academy Book Club’s Literary Panel

This week PJ Media will begin a new regular feature highlighting the recommended books from the authors, writers, columnists, and journalists of the Freedom Academy Book Club’s Literary Panel.


This is the beginning of a lead-up to the formal launch of a new online educational initiative called the Freedom Academy. With historian Victor Davis Hanson as director, the Academy is dedicated to rediscovering and preserving freedom and liberty one generation at a time. The formal launch will occur later in October and will introduce both a premium video lecture series and the Freedom Academy Book Club where members can discover books popular in the community and recommended by the literary panel members.

In the coming weeks each panelist and their choices will be featured at PJ Media. Click here to see Victor Davis Hanson’s 2013 recommendations and here for Roger L. Simon’s. You can also visit the Freedom Academy here.


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