Ayn Rand in Bed with L. Ron Hubbard?

Not long ago Hustler “satirized” S.E. Cupp. Now Cracked.Com has its way with Ayn Rand by fantasizing an affair with Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard:


Are Objectivists and Tea Partiers who adore Rand supposed to be offended? Maybe if Rand’s post-coital epiphany hadn’t been ripped from an angry high schooler’s blog rant (or a Paul Krugman column) then the satire might sting a bit more.

Two can play this game.

What if some group of non-Marxist satirists made a video of Margaret Sanger in bed with Elijah Mohammed? What kind of dialogue would those cult leaders have in plotting how they were going to screw up America?

And wouldn’t it be a ménage à trois? Might there be a third person hiding under the bed sheets?


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