Women Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Here’s the meaningless story making the rounds in the NFM (Non-Fox Media.) For reasons I don’t quite understand, apparently this woman made it onto the Today show because she pissed people off by writing an article claiming that women hate her because she’s too beautiful:


Samantha Brick appeared yesterday on ITV’s This Morning to defend herself against the extraordinary internet storm provoked by the article she wrote claiming women hate her because she is beautiful.

Talking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford – who trailed Samantha’s appearance heavily throughout the morning’s show, telling readers they would ‘soon see her in the flesh’ – Samantha was grilled on her view that she was too beautiful to be liked – and that women do not like attractive women.

Eamonn demanded 41-year-old writer Samantha admit that she was ‘very good looking’, forcing her to concur. 

‘You do believe you are very good looking?’ he asked.

‘It’s not that I believe it – I believe the perception of it, and the perception of how men approach women,’ she replied.

Is it just me or does it seem like stories like this have been written before and caused similar little mini-bursts of fake outrage in the blogosphere?


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