How to Steal an Election… and Get Away with It

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There is only one way that Donald Trump can lose the forthcoming election, and that is if it is stolen from him outright. A fair election would likely lead to a landslide triumph for the incumbent president, but a fair election is precisely what the hard-left Democrats appear to have no intention of permitting.


The methods they will deploy to ensure a Biden victory are pretty well known to anyone who has been paying attention: vote harvesting, counting mail-in ballots (“at least once,” as Rick Moran writes), the dead vote, the multiple vote, the illegal immigrant vote, polling booth intimidation, a media blitzkrieg, Big Tech platform censorship, state pressure on the Electoral College, and anything else a felonious party can come up with. Indeed, this swindle-in-the-making should be screamingly obvious, but I have encountered far too many people who have swallowed the leftist Kool-Aid in a single gulp, true believers ripe for electoral trickery and political dissimulation.

Naturally, the mainstream media are presenting the process the other way round. For example, USA Today claims that the Democrats should be planning to prevent Trump from stealing the election. Leftist organizations like and Michelle Obama’s voter registration group are strenuously lobbying for mail-in voting. Can one really wonder why? Leftist sites like The New York Times, Salon, The New Stateman, and legions of others are already interpreting Trump’s very reasonable suspicion of easily faked, replicated, and concocted mail-in ballots as a sign of his nefarious intent.

All such hysterical and partisan claims are definitively put to rest in Eric Eggers’ 2018 Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election. The evidence he presents is incontrovertible and can be fact-checked for oneself by any interested reader willing to take the time—no need to rely on highly dubious sources like The Washington Post, CNN, or a discredited outfit like Snopes — a now-divorced husband-and-wife anti-conservative team and their shady investigator Kim Lacapria, who describes herself as “openly left-leaning.” (As the Daily Caller indicates, Lacapria used to write for Inquistr, a blog that is “known for publishing fake quotes and even downright hoaxes.)


Eggers gives innumerable examples of documented double voting and administrative fiddling. His book is a veritable compendium of “voter fraud across the country—noncitizen voting, felon voting, deceased individuals voting, double voting”—the list is impressively long, including absentee voting, ballot-box stuffing, the issuing of municipal ID cards as an alternative to government documents, mail-ins, and so on. Clearly, Eggers writes, “Voter fraud should not be part of our electoral system at any level [but] there are powerful groups that are trying to make it so” among the Democrats and the leftist billionaire class. City Journal points out that “the system is haphazard and sloppy. How sloppy? Well, at least eight of the 19 foreign-national September 11 hijackers had registered to vote in either Florida or Virginia.” The conclusion is inescapable: “Election fraud is expanding”—and it is massively in favor of Democrat candidates.

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The Democrats are no fools. They know that, in the event of a tainted Democrat victory, Trump would be in his rights to refuse to acknowledge a corrupt and misbegotten result and would have every incentive to initiate a legal battle protesting an electoral travesty.


Consequently, the Democrats have developed the strategy of accusing Trump of intended malfeasance before the election has even been held. Sensible people suspect that the Democrats seem poised to steal the election and to pre-empt what would be the president’s legitimate refusal to credit a falsely democratic coup d’etat. On this account, the Democrats are setting up the President for dereliction of duty in order to disguise their own duplicity. It’s quite perfect: conspire to steal the election while preventing the injured party in advance from exposing or contesting the fraud.

Thus we see Bernie Sanders, the latest in a line of political stooges, setting the table to steal the crockery and blame the licit diner for calling out the thief. “America must be prepared when Trump refuses to leave office.” It’s a clever subterfuge, arranging a future scene in which the crook blames the victim not only for protesting a robbery but for actually committing one.

This is an example of classic (and deliberate) projection. Sanders is accusing Trump of scheming to play the very cards that the Democrats have up their sleeves. Social media companies, says Sanders, “must finally get their act together” to ensure that election officials are not harassed and disinformation is not spread on their platforms. Who is he kidding? Sanders’ disingenuousness is marmoreal, as every conservative who has been either demonetized, shadowbanned, or canceled on social media is well aware.


Ask Stefan Molyneux. Ask Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad). Ask Steve Brulé. Ask Paul Joseph Watson. Ask Steven Crowder. Ask Gavin McInnis. Ask Candace Owens. Ask my wife Janice Fiamengo. There are hundreds who have experienced the tender mercies of social media. Peter Hasson in his 2020 blockbuster The Manipulators: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Big Tech’s War on Conservatives has laid bare the civic treachery of social media in minute detail. As Hasson writes, the political and media establishment, panicked by Trump’s 2016 election, “turned to Big Tech to censor and suppress open debate on the Internet in order to…bring it in line with the left-liberal consensus of the media, the Democratic Party, and public education, which has long been hostile to ‘politically incorrect’ thinking and speech.”

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Moreover, according to Politico, Sanders went on to suggest that “state legislatures in Pennsylvania and elsewhere must pass bills to allow election officials to begin counting mail ballots before the election” in order to prevent Trump from presumably claiming victory after an early lead (italics mine). The idea is prima facie ridiculous. But anybody with half a brain knows what is going on. As Leonard Cohen sings:

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost


Of course, so flagrant a deception would not be possible unless the witnesses to the planned chicanery approved of the robber’s crime. As we’ve seen, this is where the media—social and legacy—come in, for they are also part of the confidence game, and they are sure to have a majority of low-information, low IQ, ideological collaborators among the public at large. The Twitterati will be swarming. The media will be gloating, proud of their efforts to install a progressivist with a cognitive deficit as glaring as his running mate’s violation of common decency. And there will be no official investigation of the fraud, as Eggers points out, thanks to dodgy recount rules and “deliberate neglect by election officials at the federal, state and local levels.” It’s a nightmare scenario, and if the plot succeeds, it will be the final nail in the coffin of the republic.

“I’ll be your mugger tonight,” says the heister in L.A. Story, and an insouciant Steve Martin had no objection. But the Party of Muggers, on this reading, plan not only to steal the election but to rob Donald Trump of his right to object as well.


David Solway’s latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture, Black House, London, 2019.

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