Suicide of the West: Disney Chief Thinks Eliminating Children Is Good for Business

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When Disney CEO Bob Iger threw in with the Hollywood radicals threatening to boycott Georgia for its new law outlawing aborting babies with a heartbeat, I was reminded of Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto’s recurring theme in his original, great emailed daily newsletter, “Best of the Web Today,” that he called “The Roe Effect.”


Taranto’s thesis was that proportionally, Democrats were depriving themselves of future voters by promoting abortion as their sacrament, since the demographics of abortion would suggest that a majority of the aborted children were likely future Democrat voters.

Of course, to make up for that deficit, Democrats today are desperate to import voters, by any means necessary.

But sacrificing the long term for short-term benefit is what politicians do. Those votes are 20 years in the future, largely theoretical — and there are feminist fanatics to placate next November!

Last week, Iger applied the Roe Effect to his business, adding his voice to the Hollywood Left threatening to boycott Georgia for passing a law that says a heartbeat in a baby is a sign of life.

So much for the “Party of Science.”

Iger’s moral blindness is a topic for another day. For a second, let’s stop and think about the sheer stupidity of this as a business decision, and what it says about the stranglehold the Culture of Death has on pop culture:

The CEO of a company that makes most of its money selling things to kids is hopping on the bandwagon to eliminate its customers.

And unlike those Democrat voters who are a couple of decades away, these are customers who will be demanding Disney products in their own voices in a couple of years!


In fact, those babies are customers pretty much the minute they leave the hospital.

And as a new grandfather, I have firsthand experience that babies are immediate customers of Disney, as I have changed Mickey Mouse diapers and onesies more times than I can count over the last five months.

So Georgia lawmakers have decided it is time to prohibit doctors from stopping a baby’s beating heart in the womb, and Hollywood has determined this is something they cannot abide. Saving these unborn beating hearts is a human rights outrage. The Handmaid’s Tale is right around the corner!

But Disney has no problems whatsoever filming in the following countries:

  • Jordan
  • Bolivia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • China

Which of these countries does Disney think has a better human rights record than the state of Georgia?

I really can’t improve on what the Wall Street Journal editorial board said in calling out Bob Iger’s hypocrisy in doing business with the last country on the above list:

More than a few Americans may also notice the contradiction that Disney is more worried about filming in a U.S. state that has passed a law democratically than it is operating its theme park and hawking its films in China, which uses facial-recognition software to monitor its population and has a million Uighurs in re-education camps.


Of course, we know that many Hollywood studios allow China to censor, or influence, the content of movies and television shows in order to be allowed into their vast market. That may be reprehensible, but at least it makes business sense. (Kudos to the superb Amazon show Bosch, and writer Michael Connelly for not buckling in this regard.)

Georgia also (stupidly) offers one of the most generous film subsidy and tax break schedules in the United States.

This means Bob Iger is willing to pay more in production costs in order to virtue signal to a bunch of reprobates that he is on board with eliminating as much of his customer base as possible.

What’s next? Rewriting the Bambi, Dumbo and Lion King birth scenes to discuss how they are only miraculous because of the mother’s choice?




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