Adam Driver Just Gave Us Some Important Clues About 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Given the immense secrecy surrounding the production of Star Wars: Episode VII, any kernel of credible information proves tantalizing. In an interview with Collider, Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver offers insight into the film’s tone. He said:

It’s great. It’s similar to how The Empire Strikes Back has a different tone. For that people always go “oooh, it’s dark” but I don’t know that it necessarily is. It’s just different in tone in a way that I think is great and necessary but also very clear. He trusts [that] his audience is ready for nuance and ambiguity. [Director Rian Johnson’s] not dumbing anything down for someone and that’s really fun to play.

Driver also spoke to the artistic process utilized to craft a massive film like this, and how it is essentially not that different from any other project.

I think I said something like this to you last year, but I remember being very overwhelmed by the idea of working on something [like this] where the scale was so big. I remember calling J.J. and saying, “I’m overwhelmed by the machine of it” and him basically saying that we’ll break it down into pieces and solve it in these little moments. One moment will lead to this moment and then that moment will lead to this moment and at the end of it hopefully we’ll have a movie. Of course, that’s like working with anything…

It’s not my job to worry about the bigger picture or what it means or try to appease a certain group of people. It’s my job to read the script, be prepared, and be generous to the other people that I’m acting with in order to tell the best version of the story that Rian came up with. Then whatever it means and whatever meaning people attach to it, by that point it’s not my responsibility.

Driver’s focus on his piece of the puzzle is laudable. His professionalism was evident in The Force Awakens and should prove useful as his character progresses.

Speaking of the character in previous interviews, director J.J. Abrams indicated that Kylo’s path is an inverse of Luke’s. He begins relatively weak and conflicted, then grows stronger and darker. That’s not much to go on when speculating what awaits in Episode VIII. But it’s nice to hear the actor convey confidence about the project and his role in it.