Super Bowl Spot Signals New Take in Batman v Superman

We live in a day and age when movie properties are rebooted with increased frequency. In some cases, like the Spider-Man franchise, the reboots follow commercial and critical misfires. But the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows Christopher Nolan’s largely beloved Dark Knight trilogy. So how do you differentiate the new version of Batman from the old one while keeping things interesting?

A set of spots from the film, aired during the Super Bowl and doubling as ads for Turkish Airlines, previews the new landscape. The Gotham City in the new film will be one “that has risen above its past” and been “restored to its former glory.” The spot suggests that the Batman mythology fans are familiar with will serve as prelude to these proceedings. This is a Gotham that has faced its demons and survived them. Introducing an alien threat into that mix will present a new opportunity for exploring the Batman story.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice glides into theaters on March 25th.