Avoiding Star Wars Spoilers? You Might Need to Quit the Internet

It is a period of great danger for Star Wars fans who wish to go into The Force Awakens without having the film spoiled by ads, reviews, and social media posts. Given my role as an online commentator who covers film among other things, I may be destined to have the film spoiled prior to seeing it with my wife and son on December 18th. There’s hope for you, though. You can quit the internet (except for PJ Media, of course).

Indeed, you may have to. Some fans have already complained that recent television spots and other promotional materials have given away too much of the new film’s plot. Have we already caught a glimpse of a certain character’s death? Did we really need all those clues as to the main characters’ identities? Will any mystery remain by the time theaters darken in less than two weeks?

The most dangerous period for spoilers is yet to come. The world premiere of The Force Awakens will be on Monday, December 14th. Reviews will begin to drop immediately. That means a three to four day stretch, assuming you catch it on the release date, during which spoilers may be rampant. Scrolling your news feed will become like Russian roulette. All it will take is a headline to ruin everything. Perhaps it’s time to exile yourself to a desert or a swamp, anywhere the Internet can’t find you.