Satan Visits Death Metal Drummer in COVID Coma. Turns Out Hell Is 'Not Cool'

Death Angel photo from Instagram

Who says Satan doesn’t exist? Dams are bursting, murder hornets have been loosed on the land, pestilence has visited itself upon the people, raping and pillaging continue apace and nitrile gloves aren’t available until July.

Now this.

Death metal drummer, Will Carroll of the group “Death Angel,” came down with coronavirus on the way back from a March European tour. Several other people on tour with the group also came down with the ‘Rona.

The group, which tours with bands such as “Obituary” and “Exodus,” had recently been nominated for a Grammy award. “Death Angel” was ascendant, according to music writer Kevin L. Jones.

But then things came crashing down. Way down.

Medically Induced Coma

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the drummer suffered COVID-like symptoms for five days before his fiancée got him to the California Pacific Medical Center in the Bay Area.

Doctors thought they’d lose him, his case was so severe. Carroll was put in a medically-induced coma and on a ventilator.

Carroll stayed comatose in intensive care for nearly two weeks, mostly in critical condition. He was the worst of four patients who were in critical condition because of COVID-19, said Dr. George Horng, a pulmonologist. Carroll’s heart failed during the first few days because the medication needed to keep him on a ventilator was so taxing on his body.

“He still was near the limits of what we could do with our supportive care, and we were very worried about him,” Horng said. “He wasn’t getting worse, but if he were to get worse, there wasn’t much more that we could have done.”

On March 30th he came out of his coma.

“I woke up on the hospital bed with tubes coming in and out of me, and there was a nurse right there and my first words were, ‘Am I still in hell?’ She ignored me.”


Satan is a Woman and a Punisher

Carroll told the Chronicle that Satan visited him while he was in the coma. Satan, a woman, punished him for his slovenly habits.

While in the coma, Carroll said he had dreams of visiting the afterlife. He saw himself leave his body and plummet down to hell, where Satan — a woman in his case — punished him for the deadly sin of sloth, morphing him into a Jabba the Hutt-like-monster who vomited blood until he had a heart attack.

Meanwhile on terra firma, his partner was being told by doctors that “things aren’t looking good, he’s critically ill, he’s in critical condition, things are looking grave, things are looking grim.”

Out of the depths of hell came healing – medical as well as spiritual.

When he came out of his coma the medical staff applauded.

He says being in the depths of hell changed his life and turned him toward a much “higher power” and power of prayer.

[H]is near-death experience gave him a new outlook on life. He now plans on living a healthier life without hard alcohol or bong rips, though he’ll still drink the occasional hard cider and narrow his marijuana use to edibles. He also adopted a belief in a higher power; he feels the prayers from his family and friends helped him pull through. [emphasis added]

He says he’s still going to listen to his favorite death metal bands but, and here’s an interesting turn of phrase,

“As far as for my personal life and my experience of what I went through, I don’t think Satan’s quite as cool as I used to.”

You don’t say.

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