Queer Activist Arrested for Murder, Friend Insists He Goes By 'They'

A radical queer and anti-white activist was arrested for murder, but the newspaper reporting the arrest got the perpetrator’s pronoun wrong. All one of his friends cared about was to make sure the alleged murderer wasn’t referred to as a “he” in articles covering the crime.

Pablo Gomez Jr., a 22-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, is suspected of stabbing one woman to death on Friday and of injuring another in a separate incident. He was arrested by police in Burbank on Saturday afternoon.

After a seriously wounded woman flagged someone down for help just north of UC-Berkeley’s campus before noon on Friday, police located a “violent crime” scene and discovered the body of a person who has not been identified.

Gomez Jr. was identified as the prime suspect after “a witness who saw him earlier in the day reported that he had shaved his head which may have been done in an effort to alter his appearance,” police said in a statement Friday night. Gomez Jr. “was developed as the primary suspect for both the homicide and the stabbing.”

Berkeleyside, a local independent news outlet, rushed a story to the presses on Friday, but it had to issue an important correction. Reportedly, the suspected murderer would rather be called by the pronoun “they,” as opposed to “he.”

Facing murder charges is nothing compared to being “misgendered,” apparently. (A later update would clarify Gomez’s age at 22.)

Police have identified the wanted person as 24-year-old Pablo Gomez Jr. of North Hollywood. According to Gomez Jr.’s Facebook page, they are a UC Berkeley student who lives in Berkeley. [A friend contacted Berkeleyside after publication to say that Gomez Jr. uses the pronoun “they.” This story has been updated.]

As if this note were not enough, the article also included a correction statement at the bottom.

This story was updated after publication to reflect Gomez Jr.’s preferred pronoun, according to a friend who contacted Berkeleyside.

Writer Emilie Raguso obliged, regardless of the grammatical insanity of referring to a singular person as “they.” This is what such political correctness looks like in action [emphasis added]:

Gomez Jr. is studying “Chicanx/Latinx Studies” according to their Facebook page, and is a senior climate action fellow at Alliance for Climate Education.

For those living in that horridly bigoted past also known as “reality,” “Chicanx/Latinx” is an attempt to refer to people of Mexican or Latin American descent without “gendering” them. Rather than saying “Latino” or “Latina,” “Latinx” is a genderless neologism to include people of “all genders.”

According to radical queer theory, gender is a social construct which people can choose for themselves — or is it something regardless of biological sex which mandates expensive and often unalterable surgery? I honestly can’t tell.

In any case, there are many gender identities, which require other people to refer to gender “minorities” by their preferred pronouns. Gomez may or may not be guilty of murder, but if you dare to refer to … “them” … as him, you are guilty of being a bigot.

Gomez is also listed as the primary point of contact for the Queer Alliance & Resource Center, an activist group catering to UC-Berkeley’s queer community.

But Gomez is more than just a radical queer activist who wishes to alter everyone’s use of gender pronouns. This murder suspect has been active in many leftist and “progressive” causes at Berkeley.

Gomez has worked at the Alliance for Climate Education, a climate alarmist activist group. In 2014, he spoke at a climate event with Governor Jerry Brown, billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer, and University of California system President Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona and Homeland Security secretary under President Obama. Activism like his pushed former Georgia Tech climatologist Judith Curry to resign, willing to commit “career suicide” to preserve her “scientific integrity” in questioning the climate alarmist orthodoxy.

Last year, this murder suspect was involved in a scuffle on campus during a political protest, when he removed a Trump cutout, calling it “f*cked up.”

Oh, and there’s his Twitter page. Last November, Gomez Jr. declared, “The United States is a violent white supremacist settler empire whose only fate is annihilation.”

And there’s this lovely racist tweet which asked, “Why the f*ck do white people always think they’re the victims do you not understand you are the world’s #1 perpetrators.”

Just remember, Gomez may be a murderer, but if you refer to … them … as a him, you’re still a bigot. Oh, and what gender is … they, exactly? Pluralist? I’m not sure the queer activists have even decided yet.

Here’s his video with the College Republicans.