Your Lack of Attraction for Some Races? Racism!

Everyone has their preferences, especially when it comes to romantic partners. Some guys like lean supermodel-looking women while others like women with a few more curves. Some women like the “dad bod” while others want their men looking like male fitness cover models. Of course, there are guys with similar preferences to the ladies and vice versa. It just is.

Some people also find some races more attractive than others. After all, I’ve known white guys who prefer black women, black women who prefer Hispanic men, and every straight guy I know has a special place in his heart for Asian women.

However, it now seems that if you aren’t attracted to the features common to a certain race, then you’re a hating hater who hates.

A woman taking part in a TV experiment examining racism in dating has sparked outrage from viewers  after claiming she was not attracted to a black man because his ‘nose was flaring’ and it made him look ‘angry’.

In Channel 4’s Is Love Racist? The Dating Game, presenter and sociologist Emma Dabiri set out to explore just how much race played a part when it comes to choosing a love match.

But one red-headed white female participant sparked a flurry of angry tweets when she explained she was not attracted to a black man because of his nose.

‘His nose looks like it’s flaring too much,’ before she added, ‘You know when people are angry? He’s flaring and pouting.’

Shocked viewers took to social media with one saying: ‘Is Love Racist has me fuming, racism is alive and well!’

Wow, right?

Here’s the thing. Not being attracted to a given race is considered racism by these folks, but some argue that actually being attracted to a certain race is also racism. In other words, you just can’t win.

Let’s couple this with the idea that straight men should be fine with their sexual partners having the exact same plumbing as them — or, conversely, gay men should be fine with their partners having the opposite set of equipment — and you create a world where there can be no preferences. Everyone is expected to say yes to everyone else or be labeled a bigot.

This comes from the same side of the political divide as the idea of rape culture, where a woman can consent and change her mind later and take it away. What the leftists here don’t grasp is that when you make the landmines too difficult to navigate, after a while, people will just stop caring.

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