NYC Man Threatens to Sue Over Neighbor's 'Intolerable' Holiday Music

Photo: screenshot

Such humbuggery.

An Upper East Side man has had enough of his neighbor’s holiday music and is threatening to sue to stop it.

Nick Wilder claims holiday tunes play nonstop as part of the display in front of socialite Lisa Maria Falcone’s townhouse on East 67th Street.

“I have an office in the area and you can hear it for 16 hours in a row, and that’s a nuisance, and it’s not lawful, and she’s going to get nailed for it,” Wilder said. “She had been doing it from 7 am. in the morning. The night before I filed this case she had been playing it until midnight.”

Wilder thinks his threat of a suit may have put a stop to it. No music was coming out of the holiday display Monday morning, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported.

Pass me the Scrooge suit, but I think I’m with the guy on this one. Just this Christmas season, I’ve begun to realize that I don’t like being forced to listen to “holiday music” wherever I go. Blame it on the 15,000 bad versions of “Winter Wonderland”, one of which always seems to be playing when I walk into a store at this time of year. It’s not that I don’t like some of the music of the season, I just tend to prefer the more religious Christmas songs. Cutesy pop tunes suck the holiday spirit right out of me.

This isn’t completely about Christmas/holiday music, I must confess. I never want to hear Celine Dion or Mariah Carey sing anything. That’s pretty easy to do most of the year. When December rolls around, their holiday songs are like a heat rash that won’t go away.

So kudos to this guy for remaining calm enough to merely threaten a lawsuit. I might have used a Santa suit as a disguise and taken a baseball bat to the display.

Happy Holidays!