Fall Reality TV Schedule to Feature 2 Former Republican Governors

(Photo credits: Hu wencheng - Imaginechina/Sipa USA via AP)

In the past half century or so, it has been common for former high-level politicians to leave office and become lobbyists, consultants, or, in Mike Huckabee’s case, bad bass players. Because it’s 2016 and there are still months of weirdness left to experience, a new alternative has opened up: reality television.

Both Rick Perry and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be transitioning to the small screen this fall. Perry will compete on “Dancing with the Stars” and Arnold will be filling in for a certain presidential candidate on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Perry is going to be raising awareness and money for veterans and Arnold is going to be, well, Arnold. Politics may be one of the only professions next to which the world of reality TV looks dysfunction-free.

Even though Schwarzenegger has been in the entertainment industry most of his life, the transition from blockbuster action star to reality host probably wouldn’t have happened without his political interlude. It would have just been too weird otherwise, and probably unnecessary had he kept making films at his old pace.

As has been mentioned by many, if Trump makes it to the White House this odd little reality television/politics circle will be complete.

Then again, given the current occupant’s penchant for golfing and making late-night TV appearances, one could make the case that the last eight years have just been one grand reality show.