D-Listers Upset with Chewbacca Mom's Extended 15 Minutes

D-Listers Upset with Chewbacca Mom's Extended 15 Minutes
(Photo by Wade Payne/Invision/AP)

I never liked “Scrubs”:

It was only a matter of time. Chewbacca Mom went viral again, but this time not everyone’s charmed.

“No. One. Cares. What. Chewbacca. Mom. Thinks,” said one Twitter user emphatically.

Candace Payne, best known for a Facebook livestream in which she tries on a toy “Star Wars” Chewbacca mask, began trending on social media Monday after she posted her version of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” in response to recent police shootings of black men and an attack on Dallas police.

While some praised her singing voice and positivity, others thought her antics represented a distraction from the real issues of violence in the U.S.

“Chewbacca mom is not the moral compass of this country,” said YouTuber Akilah Hughes. “She’s a woman who bought a mask and did stuff in it.”

Given that Payne’s brief celebrity turn is the result of her merely being in a good mood, one wonders at just how screwed up the lives are of those going out of their way to dump on her. Then again, leftists are miserable people by nature. If it’s a perfectly lovely day, a grievance simply must be manufactured or they lose street cred in their awful little community.

Even I think it is OK to not be cranky and fighting for a cause all of the time, even though I’m one of those fight-for-a-cause (multiple, actually) cranky types.

People know who Candace Payne is because she couldn’t stop laughing one day. People who are upset that laughter can get someone a little notoriety in a very cynical age don’t have any opinions worth listening to.

Wait, did that sound cranky?