Murder Trial for Michael Jace from 'The Shield' Begins in Los Angeles

This is sad and disturbing.

The murder trial of “The Shield” actor Michael Jace began Tuesday with the prosecution revealing a chilling line that Jace allegedly uttered while fatally shooting his wife.

During Tuesday’s trial in Los Angeles, deputy district attorney Tannaz Mokayef told the court that the actor said to his wife, April Jace, “You like to run so much, why don’t you try running to heaven” as he shot her, the New York Daily News reports.

According to Mokayef, Jace shot his wife three times, once in the back and twice in the legs, with the couple’s two sons in the house.

Mokayef told the court that Michael Jace intended to shoot his wife because she wanted a divorce, describing the couple’s relationship as “a really sad story of obsession and control.”

Jace was charged with murder in May 2014. He was arrested after calling the police to report that he had shot his wife. Police arrived to find the body of April Jace, who had been shot several times.

Jace’s two young sons were also at the scene.


Jace is best remembered for playing troubled officer Julien Lowe on the intense FX series “The Shield” from 2002 to 2008.

Despite initial reports saying Jace called his father in-law to say he had just shot his wife, the actor entered a plea of “not guilty.” Jace faces fifty years to life if convicted. April Jace’s family is taking care of the children.

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