How Some Weirdos Have Way Too Many Kids

Cracked.Com today published The 6 Craziest People Who Are Overpopulating the World. One example:

A one-legged polygamist in the Middle East set his sights on the seemingly impossible: fathering 100 children by the year 2015. And at the age of 64, hes already close to reaching his goal.In 2011, Balushi and his enormous brood of 92 were spread among 17 houses in Ajman, within the United Arab Emirates. Shariah law only allows a maximum of four wives at a time, but that hasnt put a damper on Balushis people-manufacturing operation. He has happily embraced serial divorce and remarriage, with 18 wives and exes under his belt and more to come. And just to show that hes a nice guy, each divorced wife is cared for financially and has her own family home.