PJ Lifestyle Seeking Expert Critics and Product Reviewers

PJ Lifestyle plans to continue expanding in many directions after the election — hopefully along with the rest of the economy! Over the coming months we’ll be seeking out new voices to complement our usual team of humorists and cultural critics. (Keep an eye out for future openings for new writers and bloggers.) Today we’re looking for freelance writers with experience and skills to review products.


These are some of the areas we’re looking to fill:

Gadget Gurus and Tech Thinkers.

With the holiday season approaching we’re looking for people who can highlight the must-have gadgets and gifts: laptops, phones, tablets, stereos, cameras, TVs, and all manner of electronics. Can you compare and contrast different products? Rank which is the best to worst TV, phone, or tablet? Also seeking software and video games reviewers.

We’re also interested in people who can look at the tech industry in the broader perspective, arguing not just if you should buy the new Apple or Google product, but whether either company’s new move is good or bad, and what the future holds as the two contend with Amazon.

Food and Cooking Experts

We’d like reviews of appliances and kitchen products, especially top 10 lists. We’d also be interested in How-To recipe articles explaining which products one needs to go about preparing various dishes. Those capable of supplying their own photographs or custom-made images for reviews are especially appreciated.

We’re interested in both the healthy, organic diet advocates and also the junk food apologists. Experts in Tobacco, Alcohol, and Wine also should apply.


Men’s and Women’s Fashion Experts


From high fashion to the casual and practical, what do we need to know to look and feel good no matter the occasion? And who offers the best deal?

What are the top 5 trends in fashion this season?

Also interested in experts in jewelry, purses, watches, and other fashion accessories.

Health and Hygiene and Make-Up Specialists

Best razors? Best deals this week on make-up? Are there new vitamins and supplements we should consider?

Outdoor Enthusiasts

We’re interested in reviews of sporting equipment, fitness gear, garden and lawncare supplies, and home improvement tools. Also: survival gear, hunting, self defense, and gun experts.


Please email your resume, introductory letter, and urls of writing samples to PJ Lifestyle’s managing editor David Swindle: [email protected]

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