Internet 100 Times Faster... Google Fiber...

via Google Fiber vs Your Cable Company – Business Insider.

Google Fiber will soon be a viable cable alternative in many neighborhoods in Kansas City.

Hopefully it will also soon become an alternative in every city.

For $120 a month, Google Fiber brings you normal cable TV, a massive digital video recorder, and broadband Internet access that is 100-times as fast as your cable company’s.

For $70 a month, you can get just the Internet access.

via New Broadand Service, Google Fiber, Will Be 100 Times Faster Than The Average Internet Connection | Elite Daily.

In addition to the unprecedented connection speed, Google is hoping to attract customers by touting its television service, which allows users to access multiple content providers – such as Netflix, broadcast TV and a DVR – at once.

While many people may be reluctant to hand control over yet more aspects of their onine life to the search behemoth, most will surely be unable to resist the lure of an internet speeds so much greater than they are used to, at a comparable price to the current average.

And cable companies will presumably be terrified at the prospect of facing down such a fierce competitor – with the very real prospect that if providers do not start to offer a similar service, they could quickly be crushed by Google.


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