Fred Willard Arrested By LAPD Vice Squad At Adult Movie Theater

via Fred Willard arrested for improvisational one-man show in adult movie theater | TV | Newswire | The A.V. Club.

Affable, old-fashioned comedian Fred Willard was arrested for lewd conduct and briefly held in police custody last night, after allegedly being caught affably, old-fashioned-ly masturbating in an adult movie theater with other fine folks rather than using the Internet. TMZ reports that the 72-year-old was caught “with his penis exposed and in his hand” by LAPD vice squad officers during a “random walk-through” of a well-known adult movie theater, where—using their crack detective skills—they discovered patrons watching adult movies and pleasuring themselves, a bust for which they are surely receiving some sort of special commendation from the commissioner soon, though the article strangely makes no mention.


Wow. We’ve seen this before of course…

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