7 Classic Cartoons For Halloween

Walt Disney’s First Silly Symphony: ‘The Skeleton Dance’

From August 22, 1929. The beginning of the experiments that would become Fantasia a decade later.

A Disney Cartoon Set In Hell!

Ub Iwerks created a creepy vision of the underworld in this early Silly Symphony short “Hell’s Bells” from 1929.

A Sweet & Spooky Silly Symphony for Cat Lovers

This 20th installment in the series, released July 28, 1931, imagines a housecat’s dreamy nighttime adventures.

‘Babes In the Woods’ Vs. The Witch In The Candy Cottage

The 32nd Silly Symphony appeared November 19, 1932.

Your Initiation Into Betty Boop’s Secret Society

This Talkartoon from Fleischer studios is another early, floppy-eared appearance. Released July 24, 1931, this cartoon was voted the 37th best of all time in an industry poll in 1994.

Flip the Frog Befriends the Ghost Family With Their Skeleton Dog

This cartoon, “Spooks” by Ub Iwerks, appeared December 21, 1931.

Skeleton Frolics: An Undead Orchestra Rehearses

This cartoon, “Skeleton Frolics” by Ub Iwerks, appeared January 29, 1937 as part of Columbia Pictures’ Color Rhapsodies series. Seem familiar?