Musings on the Kindle and the Book Store...

Proving that lots of brick-and-mortar book retailers don’t get the new realities of publishing any more than the publishers do  James Daunt, the managing director of Waterstone’s, a British book chain had this to say about in the London Telegraph:

They never struck me as being a sort of business in the consumer’s interest. They’re a ruthless, money-making devil. The computer screen is a terrible environment in which to select books. All that ‘If you read this, you’ll like that’ – it’s a dismal way to recommend books. A physical bookshop in which you browse, see, hold, touch and feel books is the environment you want.

Which is of course why Amazon is the largest single book seller in the world and sales of e-books have gone through the roof since the introduction of the Kindle Jimmy.

Then in a moment of supreme hypocritical irony, he added they were working on their own e-reader a la Barnes and Noble and the Nook.


Read the rest of it at the Otherwhere Gazette.

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