Cat's Paw, Like Watership Down Meets the Terminator

So I edited this new book for our own Sarah A. Hoyt’s son Robert, It’s called Cat’s Paw and it will soon be released by Naked Reader Press. It was good enough I decided to review it over at Otherwhere Gazette, here’s an excerpt from the review. Sarah, I blame you for the insanity you have unleashed on the world.

I recently had the privilege of editing a young man’s first book. That book was Cat’s Paw, by Robert Anson Hoyt. Yes, that Hoyt, the son of the redoubtable Sarah A. Hoyt whose work I’ve reviewed here in the past.

It was an … interesting … book.

It’s about a group of cats and this bird.

You see, there’s this giant bird, and it rubs it’s beak on this mountain, and when it wears away the entire mountain the universe comes to an end. There’s exactly one rub left.

Then there’s these cats.

Two sets of them.

One set, the Cat Royal Family, who are the ones who actually rule the world, (this is true actually, ask any cat) and whose job it is to stop Happy (the bird) from rubbing it’s beak and then this cult of ninja cats who are trying to see to it the universe ends.

To this end they’ve managed to kill the entire cat royal family, or maybe not.

Regardless, if you add in plenty of dry British humor — from an author from Colorado and a horde of truly pissed-off killer squirrels (they’re just not fond of cats) a drunken junk-yard cat named Tom (our hero) a pregnant Persian by the name of Fluffy, a male cat who grew up in a library and is named Guinevere and you begin to get an idea of the sort of mad-cap ride you’re in for.


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