Actress Michelle Williams Credits Aborting Her Baby for Golden Globes Win

Actress Michelle Williams Credits Aborting Her Baby for Golden Globes Win
Actress Michelle Williams proudly credits an abortion for winning a Golden Globe. Source: screenshot NBC.

Once upon a time, those who had an abortion realized it was something sad. Yes, they had one, but they weren’t exactly happy about it. In fact, they often spoke about it with regret, seeing it as the only option they had at that time.

Sadly, we are now living in a completely new era in which abortions are actually glorified. See how actress Michelle Williams used her Golden Globe speech to explain that she could never have won the award if she hadn’t aborted a baby several years ago.

“I’m grateful to have lived in a moment in our society where choice exists,” Williams told the audience after winning the award. “Because as women and as girls, things that can happen to our bodies that are not our choice.”

Yes, she actually implied that women become pregnant by magic. Something suddenly happens to their bodies. They have no control over it whatsoever. It’s sad, really!

“I’ve tried my very best to live a life of my own making,” Williams went on to say. “Not just a series of events that happened to me.” Apparently, she wasn’t involved in the impregnating process. Who knows, perhaps some guy she thought was hot looked at her and WHAM! she was pregnant.

Anyway, she went on to say that she always aimed for a life that “I could stand back and look at and recognize my handwriting all over… And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without a woman’s right to choose.”

In the tweet posted above, pro-life activist Lila Rose rightly says that “no trophy is worth more than a life” and that “sacrificing our children to pursue our dreams is the total antithesis of women’s empowerment.” Sadly, however, the radical leftists in Hollywood (and, may I add, in the media and academia) have a completely different opinion nowadays. To them, aborting a baby is something beautiful. They’re proud of it.

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