Your Weekly Good News Round-Up: Egg-Fried Rice, Hot Firemen, and Peeps

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The best news I can report at the moment is that spring has been amazing so far in upstate New York. We’ve had a handful of seventy-degree days that have been sublime. We know that we are going to get another snowstorm, or Second Winter, at any moment but while it’s lasting we’re all out enjoying it. The sun feels so good after those long cold and bleak months.

If you need me, check the yard.

Can I introduce you to Uncle Roger?

I’m probably very late to this party, but in case you don’t know who Uncle Roger is, he’s a YouTube comedian whose character critiques Asian cooking online by white people. I laughed until I cried watching the following two videos. Poor Jamie Oliver may never recover. (Warning: some language)

I believe Gordon Ramsay then made this next video for the purpose of humiliating Oliver and getting Uncle Roger’s approval. Is there anything Ramsay cannot do? Wait for the chicken. That’s when the tears will start.

I love creative YouTubers. Uncle Roger is one of the best.

A Republican Legislature Actually Did Its Job

BOOM: Ohio Legislature Overrides DeWine’s Veto of Law Curtailing His Dictatorial COVID-19 Powers

I KNOW. It’s hard to believe. But Ohio Republican legislators stripped Governor DeWine’s Infinity Glove from him this week. The power-mad governor of Ohio can no longer issue executive decrees limiting the rights of the people under false claims of “emergency powers” without the legislature having a say in it. You know, like American government usually works. Congratulations, Ohio Republicans. You are the least crappy Republicans in the whole country. Other crappy Republicans should take notes and try to follow suit.

Joe Biden Successfully Navigated Stairs…

…and we are all very excited about it.

There is nothing hotter than a fireman unless he’s also playing the piano

Talented men are hot. Even hotter when they’re in uniform entertaining seniors. Derek Andresen was filmed playing “Fur Elise” at a retirement home after an emergency call. Fantastic.

It’s Peep season again!

Some of you will love this and some of you will hate it, but Pepsi has made a drink with Peeps just in case the regular sugar content wasn’t enough for you.

Have a wonderful weekend, don’t eat (or drink) too many Peeps. Come back next week for more good news!