[VIDEO] Don't Want Your Kid Turned Into a Leftist? Hillsdale College Offers an Alternative to Marxist Indoctrination

PJ Media's Megan Fox sits down with Madeline Peltzer of Hillsdale College

The kids from Hillsdale College in Michigan made a great showing at CPAC this year. Madeline Peltzer, a junior at Hillsdale, sat down with me for an interview to answer questions that a lot of parents have when it comes to worries about sending their kids to universities.

Most universities are hotbeds of far-leftism and indoctrination, where conservative students must hide their beliefs or be at risk of violence. Worse, others come home completely brainwashed and reject the teachings of their parents in favor of radical Marxism and intersectional feminism. Many parents, like me, don’t think spending $100,000 or more to undo a lifetime of moral teaching is reasonable. Hillsdale College offers a different experience that is unique—and it’s surprisingly less expensive than I had imagined. Tune in to find out what makes Hillsdale a great option for your conservative Christian student.

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