Souless Generation: Girl Cheerfully Celebrates and Films Abortion on TikTok

Screenshot via Twitter

If you needed more proof that we’ve made a wrong turn as a culture, check out this video of a young girl celebrating and filming her second and successful attempt at abortion. The video shows the girl getting ready and showing off a baby bump and then driving to Planned Parenthood and filming herself celebrating in the waiting room. The video ends with a close up of her ultrasound where you see her baby disappear from her womb.

It’s almost certain this girl will come to regret not only celebrating the death of her child but also publicly broadcasting her darkest day. We should pray for her and her well-being. Mindy Robinson on Twitter had a very good point: “THIS is what happens when you indoctrinate an entire generation into thinking the life of an unborn child holds the same decision value as ordering food through a drive thru window.” We, the adults in the room, should be ashamed that we allowed Democrats to brainwash a whole generation into believing false science that a fetus is not a human with human rights.

What’s particularly upsetting, besides the obvious, is that social media platforms are not banning this content in violation of their own standards. Lila Rose from Live Action had a lot to say on that subject. “Unbelievable:A new @tiktok_us video w/ 4M views shows girls cheerfully walking into Planned Parenthood & one killing her baby on camera,” Rose tweeted. “It’s in violation of countless Community Guidelines against: ‘Violent content’, ‘Depictions of deaths,’ ‘Dismembered humans.’ In January, Tik Tok banned Live Action for showing pro-life videos and ultrasound photos.

Twitter banned Live Action from advertising and told them it was because anything about ‘abortion procedures’ and all ultrasound images is against their terms of service. Apparently, that’s only if you’re a pro-life organization. The pro-abortion video can still be seen on Twitter.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter