Secret Facebook Page Reveals Marvel, DC Comics Writers Conspiring to Harass Comic-Con Conservatives

The comic book world has had its share of scandals, including the very recent and highly protested revelation that Captain America is really a Nazi, angering fans worldwide. Mark Waid, who recently took over the Captain America comic book for Marvel, has stepped into more hot water after appearing to call out a fan and popular YouTube reviewer for targeted harassment at this year’s Comic-Con on his Facebook page.

Richard Meyer has a YouTube channel called Diversity & Comics, where he reviews current comic books. Most of his reviews mock the overreaching and suffocating leftist messaging that has infiltrated the entire industry. I’ve seen enough of them to say with confidence that Meyer seems like a pretty nice guy with a passion for comic books. His reviews contain no swearing or major insults, just mild humor and a lot of chuckling.

Meyer is just shy of 40,000 subscribers. He has more viewers than “The Avengers” comic book had readers in August. 

To make matters worse and more embarrassing for the SJW crowd of comic book writers, a secret Facebook page was revealed where writers plotted to target Meyer with harassment meant to incite violence.

Taylor Esposito is a letterer for DC Comics and is clearly seen on the not-so-secret Facebook page insinuating that critics of their comics are likely to be violent, calling them “nutjobs.” Kelly Thompson of Marvel’s Star Wars Phasma and IDW’s infamous lady Ghostbusters joined in, claiming fear of the awful critics as the major reason she’s never been to a con as a professional. B. Clay Moore, who seems to have written something a long time ago, actually suggests harassing Meyer to the point of violence.

Meyer’s videos are low budget, filmed with his phone usually while sitting in his car or house flipping through comic books and chatting about the stories and plot lines, artwork and themes. It’s not exactly a hate crime. He is knowledgeable, interesting and intelligent and he clearly loves comic books. But he and others like him are facing an industry that seems to not want them anymore.

Jon Del Arroz is an award-nominated science fiction writer, contributor at The Federalist and author of the upcoming space novella Gravity of the Game. He has followed the industry problems closely.

There’s a disconcerting trend on the left because the black-balling attempts in the industry have failed, due to independent media platforms, so they have moved to intimidation and threats of violence. Sad!

Del Arroz, a comic book fan, senses a reckoning coming.

The Industry is in trouble. Unlike others they have a distribution network only meant to further Marvel/DC properties. For real change to happen, fans have to support indies.

PJ Media reached out to Richard Meyer, who was happy to talk about being targeted by SJWs. “It’s a neo-McCarthyism situation; the industry is being destroyed,” he said. “They are killing it. They’ve turned an industry into a community which doesn’t have to have sales or success. It’s a vicious pogrom and excommunication of anyone right of the extreme far left.”

Meyer has been accused of transphobia for calling out the questionable elevation of a transgendered comic author, Magdalene Visaggio, who seemed to come out of nowhere with no history or accomplishments in the industry. Visaggio rose quickly for a beginner, leading some, like Meyer, to believe he was hired for diversity instead of skill. Visaggio won a new talent workshop at DC Comics that put him in a position to be mentored by the top comic writers in the industry even though he appeared not to like or understand DC characters like Batman.

He also appears a little unstable, threatening “cis” people with violence on social media.

But there isn’t any real rush to buy Visaggio’s transgendered comic book Kim & Kim, ranked #373 in the July sales ratings.

Meyer believes he is being targeted for, among other things, daring to criticize Visaggio. “You can’t say anything about the diversity hires because they’re magical,” he explained. “One of the successes of my channel is that I say what other people are thinking. There’s about 100,000 fans out there waiting to come back. America only has a few unique institutions and one of them, comic books, is literally being murdered. Normal comic pros have been chased away and it is now a weird club for people with personality disorders.”

Meyer seems to have it right. Lately another far lefty who writes GI Joe (of all things), Aubrey Sitterson, caused a stir on 9/11 for this ridiculous tweet.

Meyer tried hiding his identity (or at least his workplace) online to avoid the doxing and swatting the left is so fond of. People who speak critically of the industry, like MundaneMatt, have been swatted for their audacity to speak out. Meyers’ enemies tried calling what they thought was his employer, but they failed to find it. They did, however, reveal his real name with the intention of targeted harassment as revealed in the secret Facebook posting.

In a bizarre twist of events, Meyer was searching for a sold-out comic book earlier in the summer called Mr. Miracle when he was told that a downtown store in Charlottesville had it. He went to buy it and got caught in the Charlottesville protests that turned violent. He reported from the scene and an SJW informant and amateur comic writer, Heather Antos, started spreading the rumor that he was a member of the KKK. Girls like Antos can’t stand Meyer because he has no qualms about calling them “fake geek girls.”

“The industry is hiring completely unqualified people based on diversity,” Meyers said “Heather Antos didn’t know when her own book came out. They don’t do basic editing. The spelling is atrocious and the term ‘fake geek girl’ really upsets them because it’s true. They aren’t real fans. They know nothing about the characters or their stories and their whole purpose is to rewrite them in their own image — strident, angry, anti-male, transgendered — until they are unrecognizable.”

Meyer believes that the shift from the classic comics to the ultra-political began around 2015 — and fans have had enough.

“‘Black Panther and the Crew’ was a segregationist comic about white genocide!” he told PJM. “Who are they writing these comics for?” he asked.

“Crest sells toothpaste to murderers on death row because it’s a business. They’ll sell to anybody,” he continued. “The comic industry doesn’t seem to want their fans to buy their product unless they are in the extreme left wing. Comic book shops are full of basically middle-aged white guys and Marvel seemed to be embarrassed of them and so they threw them away for the rainbow hair crowd that doesn’t actually read comic books.”

Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel, is becoming transgendered. Comic book fans have taken to calling her “Carl Manvers.”

“We’re watching her boobs disappear in every issue,” said Meyers. “Marvel has killed all the heterosexual romances in the stories and replaced them with gay relationships. Gay relationships are depicted as idyllic and heterosexual romances are shown as problematic. Comic book shops are suffering because they can’t sell these books. No one wants them.”

As for the kerfuffle with Mark Waid, Meyer won’t comment other than to say they have not spoken despite Waid’s claim of wanting to “work it out.” Waid offered a half-hearted apology on Facebook for sounding like he was advocating violence or trying to have Meyer banned from Comic-Con after facing criticism for his public remarks. He now claims he only wanted to “talk.” PJ Media got Meyer on the phone in less than an hour, so if talking is really what Waid wanted to do, he could have done it already.

There is a disturbing and entirely too frequent trend of conservative people being harassed, intimidated or banned from speaking, protesting and now just trying to enjoy a comic book convention. Somehow the left has taken over every institution in America from libraries to comic books and we let it happen. The question now is, how do we undo it?