Top 10 Firearms Deals on Black Friday

Are you looking for a reason to shop on Black Friday? I’m skipping it, like I do every year. I’m too much of a princess to stand out in the cold and I certainly don’t like to wait in line. But I do love a good deal, especially a good deal on firearms.

So if you haven’t entirely ruled out some Black Friday madness, here are some deals on firearms that might motivate you to participate in the American tradition of freezing outside while you wait for bargains.

Gander Mountain

I love, love, love Gander Mountain. It’s my first stop when I can’t wait for online orders to ship to me.

1. This Smith & Wesson M&P Shield conceal gun in 9mm or .40 caliber is $374.99 with a $50 Gander gift card. You need to get all up in this deal. True story: I just bought this gun at the gun show less than 12 hours before I started writing this. I got a good deal, but this one is a little bit better.
Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

2. Blazer Brass Ammo. This Blazer Brass ammo is a good price at $84.99 for 350 rounds of 9mm, 250 rounds of .40 S&W or 200 round of .45 ACP. Get your Black Friday hands on this … if you can. It will go fast.
Brazer Brass Ammo

3. Nothing says ‘Merica like a Remington 870 Express Pump shotgun. For $239.99, you can own this classic in 12-Ga or 20-Ga. If you’re looking for a home defense shotgun, go with the 12-Ga. It comes with one of the most effective self-defense features of all: the sound of racking a round into the chamber.
Remington 870 Express Pump


4. FREE GUN! I wish I had a Cabela’s near me, but I don’t. I if I did, I might get in line for this Winchester XPR Bolt-Action rifle they are giving away. Giving away! If you are one of the first 600 people in line *wincing at a 600 person line* you could win this gun. There are five being raffled off at each store.
Winchester XPR Bolt-Action Rifle

5. This a good deal on a Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2 pistol 9mm. After a $50 mail-in rebate and discount, it’s only $199. It comes with an NRA membership for a year so you can help them fight the Mom’s Demand crew when you buy the gun. Definitely a hot deal if you are looking for a decent, inexpensive gun and really, why not have an extra 9mm around? Just in case.


Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2 pistol

6. While you’re at Cabela’s check out their selection of Gun Tote’n Mama’s Concealed-Carry Purses for you, or the lady in your life. They are on sale for 10% off. Carry yourself with style, I always say.
Gun Tote’n Mama’s Concealed-Carry Purses

It wasn’t very long ago that conceal bags for women were so incredibly ugly, no one would want one. It’s a very different market now and some of the conceal purses are just lovely. I hope Cabela’s has this bag in stock. I would like the Hanukkah fairy to bring it to me.


Bass Pro Shop

7. This is a decent deal on .22 L.R. ammo: 325 rounds for only $19.99. You’ll need to hustle for this. The deal is only good from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. and you can only get one box, so bring your family members to purchase more. Thanksgiving is all about family. Sure you can find a good deal online, but the shipping on ammo always hurts.


.22 L.R. ammo

8. A Remington 11-87 semi-automatic shotgun in 12-Ga or 20-Ga that takes 2 ¾ or 3 inch rounds for $499.97 would make a nice Christmas gift for someone who wants to start hunting or clay shooting. It’s a classic, reliable shotgun and since it’s a semi-auto, the recoil won’t knock you into next week. If you can get someone to buy you a flat of Remington gun club shells, you’ll be able to head down to the nearest trap field and learn how to bust ‘em and dust ‘em.

Remington 11-87 semi-automatic shotgun

Sportsman’s Warehouse

9. Can you ever have too many .22 caliber pistols? I don’t think so. This Walther P22 for $249.99 is a sweet little baby and will give you hours of fun plinking around. If you’ve managed to grab this gun along with the .22lr at Bass Pro, you’re in good shape for a few hours of fun on a crisp Saturday at an outdoor range.

Walther P22

10. If you are thinking about a nice carry gun, this deal on a Springfield Armory XDS in 9mm or .45 ACP is a solid buy. The 9mm will set you back $349.99 and the .45 ACP goes for $399.99. It’s has a nice short barrel at 3.3 inches. The .45 ACP has a lot of stopping power, so I’d recommend it for a carry gun over the 9mm if your hand can manage the kick.

Springfield Armory XDS