8 Things That Rude and Annoying Drivers Do

Driving these days can sometimes seem far more dangerous than it should be. Even when everyone follows all the laws and rules of the road (which is pretty much never) it can often feel like you’re making your way through an obstacle course just to get home after a day at the office. Rude, inconsiderate, and otherwise annoying drivers on the road can make a ride in your car downright infuriating. Here are some things that drivers do constantly on the road. If we’ve missed any that are particularly annoying to you, let us know in the comments!

8. Honking when the light turns green

We get it. You’re in a rush. But not everyone sits at a light with their car in neutral ready to shift gears and floor it the second it goes to green. It can certainly be annoying if a driver is distracted or slow and takes their time going when the light changes. But it’s a different situation completely when you don’t even give the person in front of you the time to pick their foot up from the brake and apply it to the gas. Slow your roll, man.

7. Not going when a left arrow turns green

On the other end of the impatient driver spectrum is the inconsiderate driver who is too distracted to be aware at a left turn signal. These turns are precious—the green arrow often only stays green for about five seconds. That allows maybe three cars to get through. If you’re sitting at one of these lights and then wait long enough so that you’re the only car that can get through before the arrow turns red, you’re a disgrace to drivers everywhere.

6. Turning left when the light turns green (and cutting off oncoming traffic)

Apparently this practice is the norm in some cities around the country (Pittsburgh, we’re looking at you) but it’s not the norm in most places. In case you haven’t realized, oncoming traffic has the right of way, and cars turning left do not. It’s incredibly annoying to cut everyone off just because you’re impatient Nelly and can’t wait the 30 seconds for your chance to go.

5. Not stopping at a 4-way stop sign

This is even more infuriating than someone who doesn’t stop at a regular stop sign. One side goes, then another, etc. By not stopping, you’re announcing to the world that you’re simply more important than everyone else who’s on the road. And guess what? You’re not, and your behavior is dangerous.

4. Not signaling before a turn

Cars are equipped with these incredibly cool flashing lights for a reason. When a car needs to turn up ahead, by putting on a turn signal, it allows everyone around them to plan. It tells us we need to slow down, or not make a turn ourselves, or that we can keep going. The scenarios are limitless. But what we can’t do is make informed decisions as drivers when you just switch lanes or turn left or right without putting on the stupid blinker.

3. Tailing someone on a residential street who is going the speed limit

Where’s the fire? And what do you think tailing is actually going to accomplish in this situation? Do you think it’ll make the person go fast enough to make you happy? This intimidation tactic almost never works. One of two things either happens: the car in front slows down just to annoy the impatient driver behind them. Or someone gets hurt. Tailing is illegal for a reason: because it results in accidents. If someone isn’t going fast enough for you, then don’t drive locally.

2. Speeding through neighborhoods

Believe it or not, people actually live in neighborhoods. Do you know who else lives there? Little kids. Speeding down a street where children are playing or can pop out at any moment is incredibly selfish and dangerous. Just don’t do it.

1. Talking or texting while driving

Despite the fact that this is actually ILLEGAL, it’s incredible how many people still have the audacity to hold their phones and chat, text, post to Facebook, check their Instagram, etc., while they should solely be focused on driving and not killing anyone. It’s 2019 – you have no excuse not to have some sort of earphone or Bluetooth situation set up. And if you don’t, then oh well. The rest of us would like to live to see another day. My life is worth more than your status update, Becky.