New York Straphangers Pay Tribute to Queen of Soul with Franklin Street Makeover

The recent death of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, has left the world in mourning. The legend succumbed to her battle with pancreatic cancer on Thursday and reminded us all of the gifts she gave us throughout her incredible career.

People in New York City found interesting ways to pay tribute to the singer, specifically in the subway system. Downtown, the Franklin Street station, as well as the Franklin Avenue stop in Brooklyn, were turned into makeshift memorials as some straphangers added “Aretha” to a few key spots.

While graffiti is usually frowned upon, this time it seemed it was ok:

And the stencil people were pretty impressive with their quick thinking. (Who even has stencils and paint just lying around?!)

Even Monica Lewinsky took to Twitter to pay her respects:

And then even some subway steps got in on the action as more subway riders paid homage to Franklin:

Who knows, maybe the city will agree that this should be a permanent tribute to the Queen:

Franklin has undoubtedly touched the lives of more than she could have ever known with her music. Just leave it to New Yorkers to show their appreciation in special ways. Rest in peace, Ms. Franklin. You will be missed.