Man Lived with Girlfriend's Corpse for Nearly a Month, Police Say

Kandace Simmons’ body was found by Michigan police on December 31, but authorities say the woman had been dead for nearly a month. The woman’s boyfriend, David Hall, 49, had been living with her corpse since her death in their Monroe apartment, according to reports.

The police were notified by the couple’s landlord to do a welfare check after Hall had repeatedly given excuses as to why Ms. Simmons couldn’t meet for a discussion about the rent, according to USA Today. The man had also had the windows of the apartment open for some time in order to handle the odor from the body. Neighbors noticed the window open in the middle of winter and thought it was odd.

While no foul play is suspected and the police have not found any signs of homicide, an autopsy is being performed. Hall still faces the felony charge of concealing the death of an individual. Further, he “was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a domestic violence incident involving Simmons,” Monroe Police Lt. John Wall said.

Police are unsure as to why Hall did not notify authorities of the death of his girlfriend. “At one point, he said he panicked,” Wall said.

Hall was given a $50,000 bond at his arraignment and is due back in court next week.