Wills and Kate's Adorable Family Releases Their Christmas Card

This week, Kensington Palace released the royal Christmas card of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. our favorite couple, Wills and Kate) and announced where Princess Charlotte will be attending nursery school. Of course, the family looked picture-perfect in their coordinated blue ensembles.

But one detail that the internet couldn’t ignore was the fact that Prince George was dressed, as always, in shorts. The reason the 4-year-old has never been photographed in anything but shorts was uncovered by Harper’s Bazaar back in July: “[T]here’s a tradition among the upper class, aristocracy and royals to dress young boys in shorts – it’s often considered decidedly “suburban” not to do so.” In fact, he will most likely continue to sport that look until he turns eight years old.

In the meantime, folks on Twitter couldn’t resist, commenting on the little guy’s “commitment to his personal brand” and wondering if he ever gets cold in those outfits. (But seriously, doesn’t he? England doesn’t have the warmest of climates in the winter time…)

The photo for the Christmas card had been taken earlier in the year, but one Twitter user noticed something that many have probably wondered:

While we don’t yet know Kate Middleton’s due date with the couple’s third child, she must be far enough along in her pregnancy to be sporting at least a little baby bump. We’ll just have to wait for her next public appearance to hopefully catch a glimpse of it.